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Dialog to Mr.urine trouble

From comment in 2/19

urine trouble 『今日は、新質問ある。 青木真也選手は格闘技を終わりましょう。 警察がなりたい。 でも、backstage trouble は 問題 でしょうか?

  たかせ だいじゅ選手は 警視庁と 練習 した。 たかせは ”たくさん 強い 選手 ある。 coleman より 警察の柔道家 ほう 強い てすね。”

 青木も それを 思いますか?  柔道家は いしょに 話す ので、”警察の道場はhellですよ。” 本当てすか? gryphonさんは、伝説を 見せて ください!』

back stage trouble have nothing to do with AOKI Shinya.It is said that this trouble was done by only suporters and seconds.
because Shooto leader said "this trouble hurt value of two fighters".It means these two fighters did not have direct relation to this trouble

"Is Police's Judo Dojo hell?"
Yes,this dojo's training and sparring is dangerous,
TAKASE said"In ordinary gym,sparing continue to tap,Police Dojo7s sparing start from tap"

many Many strong JODOmen work in Police office.and Plice office have to think of not only Judo rule,but aldo street technic whwn they facet crazy criminal.So They have "hidden technic".(This is rumor).

Other rumor,
Police judo dojo's teacher offten said"You can die here!! let's die! You chould die! You must die!"

What does AOKI think of relation between JUDO and JIUJITSU?
I do not know,maybe he talk about this.
But maybe AOKI is also pround of JUDO.He was "kyouka senshu".This means he was elite of JUDOmen.
other former KYOKA senshu are OYAMA Shungo,NAKAMURA kazuhiro,MURATA ryuichi,and medalists etc..............