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The following is a report on the police arrest of MMA veteran Tim 'Obake' Catalfo:

"On 1/1/05 at approximately 0150 hrs, a bus owned by Duna's Limousine, was parked at Wachovia Bank, while awaiting passengers to board after a New Years Eve celebration in Jacksonville Beach. While the driver was outside and at the rear of the bus, the vehicle was stolen by an occupant later identified as Timothy Lance Catalfo.

The bus containing five passengers, traveled out of the parking lot then north on to 3rd Street where the bus struck a parked vehicle and continued north for three additional blocks. After stopping the bus, Timothy Lance Catalfo and his male companion fled at area on foot.

The five passengers remaining on the bus, claimed they were scared and yelling at the suspect and companion (both unknown to the passengers) to stop the bus. The passengers claimed "they only laughed" as the passengers were thrown from side to side within the bus as the defendant weaved from one lane to another, striking a parked car, median and curb, causing 1, 500.00 in damage.

One of the passengers had taken a photo of the suspect and his companion just prior to the theft, because they had claimed to be "Ultimate Fighting Champions". The suspect (driver) was later identified as Timothy Lance Catalfo.

While attempting to contact Timothy Lance Catalfo, I made contact with his son, who also identified the suspect in the photo as his father Timothy Lance Catalfo."

盗賊団がティムを"Ultimate Fighting Champions".と呼んだので身元の特定につながったというくだりが涙を誘う。