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例えば、倍率的にはこれらの大会以上に出場困難なWWE"TOUGH ENOUGH"にすら、候補の一人として参加した経験があるのだ。テコンドーがベースで、技が派手なこともあるのだろうが。



I am excited to see every fight on the card. for those that dont know, I have spent the last year with Mfs and love it. I have also recovered from a long overdue surgery and am hoping to make a comeback here in Japan. In the past I have trained with top fighters Dan Severn, Tito Ortiz, Rampage, Tank Abbott. I have fought Jeremy Horn and Yuki Kondo before and am 3-3 MMA, 10-3 submission, and also did daidojuku kudo world championships. I also did a little acting in California, including playing a cop in the upcoming Adam Goldberg directed film I Love Your Work. I shot actor Giovani Ribisi. I also did a fight scene in LA film school, Kata Nakada directed film Lotta and a few appearances on TV. [WWE Tough Enough, FastLane, George Lopez, MDs; you can also see me run away from meteor in Bruce Almighty which is where I first met Gene Lebell]I am looking to make a comeback, hopefully to fight again here in Japan, and will be training the next two weeks here with top fighters. Please let Japanese orginizations know if you would like to see me fight. Thank you to Pride for having me here, and for Takada for his invitation. this Pride and the next two weeks shall be great. Do me a favor and tell Pride you would like to see The Wolfman in Pride, and also great matchups of my teammate Jens Pulver against my friend Ryan Bow in the LW tournament [they were originally supposed to fight in Ufc long ago but it never happened], and my teammate and TUF star Sam Hogar against Fabricio Werdum to find next big jiujitsu newaza expert that also will strike, the new Nog! Go to Pride or order the PPV. I will be there! Hustle Hustle !!!